Website Page Layout

Some visitors to the main Spica Publishing website emailed to tell us that the layout of pages on the Spica Publishing website is inconsistent, so we took a look at it – and they were right: some pages had three columns (left sidebar, main content, right sidebar) whilst others had two sidebars (content, right sidebar). As a result, we spent some time today deciding which layout looks best and, once that was decided, making changes to pages so that all pages on the site have the same layout.

We decided to go for the content, right sidebar layout as we felt the left sidebar, main content, right sidebar layout option looked too busy and confusing. We also removed the Facebook page feed as that seemed to have stopped working for reasons unknown. Whilst making the changes, we noticed that the Information page is actually…well…blank, so we’ll post something interesting or useful into that space this weekend.

We think these small changes improve the site, and we hope you like them too!

Broken Links Fixed & Website Content Added

The broken links to Spica Publishing’s page on for Career Book 2 and Allies, Contacts, Enemies & Rivals have now been fixed. We’ve also fixed the broken links to Spica Publishing’s Lulu store for Career Book 2 and ACER.

We’ve added some more content under the Stuff We Like menu on the main website – check it out!

Product Information Pages Updated

Now that the forums are back up and running again, we set to work on adding the missing product information to the relevant pages.

All of Spica Publishing’s products now have a completed product information page, and the Products page has been updated with new information about our products. We also adjusted the layout of the site  and we tweaked some of the menus to make more sense after receiving feedback from visitors. Some visitors have reported dead or broken links on the website, so thank you to everyone who emailed us about them! Well get to seein’ to those shortly.

In the meantime, Keep Flyin’!

Outer Veil Product Information Updated

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve finished updating all of our Outer Veil product information pages, including a list of all reviews of Outer Veil products on Thank you for staying with us whilst we rebuild our site!

Product Details Added

We’ve just finished adding some product information to the new look website!

Product information has been added to the Outer Veil sourcebook, Outer Veil Sector Map and Game Aids pages, including links to where these products can be purchased.

We’re getting there, so thanks for bearing with us!

Website Updated – Again!

Many of you have been in touch asking about the new website and, more specifically, when everything will be fully up and running again.

Although the original site wasn’t large and didn’t contain a massive amount of information, it will still take some time to get everything put back where it should be and to ensure everything is working as it should do. Exactly how long that will be is uncertain, but we’ll continue to post regular updates as we add more material to the site.

The forums will be the last thing to be rebooted due to a number of (cough!) “technical difficulties”. Yes, we are looking at you, Gruffty the Hiver.

Today we’ve tidied up the menu structure and added the About Spica Publishing, Artist & Art Submissions and Contact Spica Publishing pages. The Art & Art Submissions page has the late Bryan Gibson’s lovely drawing of an Inanye from Field Manual and we added an artsy picture of some Spica Publishing d6 dice and a set of  white polyhedral dice. I can assure you that it was all done in the best possible taste, ma’am.

So, once again, thanks for your emails and for your patience whilst we put the jigsaw back together.

Website, Blog and Forums Reboot Update

Well, we’ve made some progress!

The new theme for the website looks very smart, and matches the theme for the Spica Orbital blog, which can now be found here! There’s not much content on the website at the moment and forums are still down whilst we try to fix the damage that blasted Hiver with a Screwdriver did but luckily a full database backup was made before the forums had to be taken down. We’re hoping it won’t be too long before the forums are up and running again, so please bear with us.

That’s all for this month – see you in December!